New Website Coming December! #Tonys

We are finally excited to launch our new website coming in December!

The difference will be night and day with the website you’re looking at RIGHT NOW! As we’ve kept it real simple and straight forward for now. We’ve gotten several of the industry experts in the Waterloo region to work on this website – so we are pumped!

Other news:

We’re rapidly growing as well  and looking for the best talent in the area. We’re hiring waitresses / line cooks / dishwashers to join our fantastic team. Please drop in your resumes personally @ the diner or email Hiring Manager with name of position mentioned on title.

We want to thank all our great customers that have been with us through the entire journey! We love you!

3 thoughts on “New Website Coming December! #Tonys

  1. Please complete your new website since the announcement in March, or change your hours of operation on your current website. Birthday plans tonight were a disappointment as we found out you have changed your hours of operation 6 months ago and still haven’t updated it. We are new in town and this really impacted our small and rare opportunity as new parents to have a bit of celebration. Thank you!


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